A Cork Digital Strategy is Vital

Date: Tuesday 30th May 2017

Time: 18:30 – 20:30

Location: Republic of Work, 12 South Mall, Cork

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With exciting new developments planned across the city, Cork’s physical landscape is set to change dramatically. But what of its digital landscape? What type of vision and planning is needed to secure Cork’s share of the global digital economy, currently worth an estimated $20 trillion?

As Chief Digital Officer of Brisbane, Cork native Kieran O’Hea delivered one of the first city digital strategies in the world. Join him as he leads an informative and interactive evening that will explore the nature and potential of Cork’s digital economy and sample the appetite for developing it.

Cities that have succeeded over the centuries are those that have changed and adapted as their economies have evolved. The time is ripe for cities to move with the times and embrace the digital age. Kieran will describe how he helped Brisbane position itself in the global digital economy.

There are digital implications not just for Cork city but throughout the Cork region. The future prosperity and in some cases survival of rural towns and villages will be influenced by the extent to which they embrace the digital age and the anticipated broadband rollout.

The event will explore the full diversity of Cork’s digital ecosystem, estimate the value of its digital economy and recommend proven methods that can be used to accelerate its future growth, including a Cork Digital Audit and the most essential of these, a Cork Digital Strategy.