European Online Job Day – Cork, 4th of May 2017

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Cork where IT is @…..check it out

European Online Job Day – Cork, 4th of May 2017


EURES Cork, together with the direct support of the European Commission, is organising a
European Online Job Day aimed at attracting skilled IT/ Business Service talent from Europe to join Ireland’s booming technology sector.

What’s happening?

The event, happening exclusively online on the 4th of May 2017, will take place virtually on the event’s website created on the European portal:

Through the website and its interactive elements the jobseekers will be able to apply for jobs, make contact with you and book job interviews during the event. EURES Ireland will assist you with pre-selection of candidates and interviews scheduling if required. Interviews with the selected candidates may be conducted online on the day of the event using Netop Live Guide available through the website or any other software (e.g. Skype, video conferencing) preferred by you. In addition, live streaming of your company’s presentations, live broadcast of pre-recorded videos and public & private chats will be available to all European jobseekers targeted for this event.

Who will be attending?

The event will be widely advertised in Europe. IT/ Business service professionals will be targeted through a European promotional campaign including: social media advertising (European Commission and EU/EEA countries), online advertising on a number of ICT related websites in Europe, information distributed to EURES departments and Technical Engineering/ICT Professional Bodies in all EU/EEA countries.   

As the event is funded and supported by the EU Commission there is no cost to your company to participate.

How to participate?

To use the platform for the first time, register your organisation first by clicking here.  Under the “Event Participation Request”, please select the event ‘Cork where IT is @……check IT out’. If you already have an account – login HERE. Go to “My events” under MY PANEL, then click on “Register for another event”, select ‘Cork where IT is @……check IT out’ and click on “Register for this event”.

By registering for the event you will already be able to make full use of the available services at the event’s website:

  • Posting an introduction to your organisation including company videos;
  • Publishing your job vacancies and opening them up to direct applications from registered jobseekers in the platform;
  • Searching among applicants for relevant jobseekers / CVs matching your recruitment profiles;
  • Screening applications with the help of automatic skills-based matching and pre-selection of candidates;
  • Booking interviews.

More information and assistance on accessing the platform/ tools, including all technical information, will be provided upon the registration.

The registration for jobseekers will be open from the 4th of April and from then we will start promoting your jobs in Europe.  We would advise that you have your vacancies (if possible) uploaded by this date. This will ensure the maximum amount of time for advertising vacancies throughout Europe and for Jobseekers to browse and apply for positions before the day of the event.


Please contact:
Hugh Rodgers; Tel. 086 7951894;

Kamila Weglicka de Carvalho; Tel. 01 673 2544;