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Diversity in Tech Lunch – Sep 13th


We are very excited to launch our September 13th Diversity in Tech Lunch which is being held at the Kingsley Hotel, Cork.

Our guest speaker is Dr. Maeve Lankford, Coaching Psychologist and Life Mastery Consultant. Maeve has worked in the field of human potential and growth, helping men and women clarify their goals, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.  –   read her very impressive profile below.


Why attend?

  1. Do you want to achieve more success faster?
  2. Do you want better work-life balance?
  3. Do you want to experience greater confidence and self worth?
  4. Would you like to eliminate fear, doubt and worry?


What will I learn?

  1. How to achieve clarity and purpose
  2. The role of commitment and decision
  3. How to source ideas for your next steps
  4. Simple thinking-strategies to guard you from fear doubt and worry
  5. The results formula and how to apply it in your life.
  6. And much more!

If these questions resonate with you then you are going to love this workshop!


Sponsorship opportunities now available. Contact:  Sarah Walsh at Sarah@itcork.ie for additional information

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Dr. Maeve Lankford

Life Mastery Consultant, PG Diploma in Coaching Psychology.

For over 20 years Maeve has worked with organizations and individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

Workshop participants and clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, professionals - typically anybody seeking to significantly raise their current level of success in their business, career, health, relationships and time and money freedom.

As a sought-after speaker and trainer, Maeve has offered transformational workshops to organizations and groups around Ireland and the UK.