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it@cork’s Tech Talk provides IT professionals and business leaders with a monthly opportunity to meet and network, before listening to a presentation by indigenous and international technology companies

Join us on April 4th in, Blackpool, Cork where you will hear from Peter Coppinger, Co-founder and CEO of Peter will speak about why “Ireland should go all in on SaaS”.

“There has never been a better time to start a SaaS business in Ireland. We’ve great linkages both to the US and the European mainland, a good infrastructure and amazing talent out there, yet we’ll never be successful with tangible goods due to our location as an island. By telling our story, talking about the SaaS Network Ireland and our Teamwork Catalyst incubator space,  we’d like to convince more business owners to help building the SaaS sector in Ireland.”

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Peter Coppinger

Co-founder & CEO at

From a young age, Peter Coppinger, from Bantry in West Cork, dreamed of creating a software company. In 1999, straight out of college, he founded “Digital Crew” and spent the next 6 years making hundreds of database-backed websites, eCommerce sites and bespoke software applications for clients.

In January 2007, Peter and his co-founder Dan Mickey decided to build an online project management tool after getting frustrated with the poor quality of existing offerings. Resisting the temptation of taking on VC money, Peter and his team worked every Friday and weekends on the new product while keeping the consultancy business going Monday to Friday.
"TeamworkPM" launched in October 2007 and has since then gone from strength-to-strength, recognised as a leader in the online project management market.

Six years later, "TeamworkPM" became "" with the acquisition of the domain for over half-a-million euro. Sales are now approaching $15m ARR, staff numbers are up to 83 and Peter's company remains 100% privately owned."