Tech Summit 2018

        Are We Designing Technology

      Or Is Technology Designing Us?

Are you ready for the next deep tech revolution?

Have you met your digital twin?

Would you collect a prescription for a 3D hangover?

Deep technologies are evolving from Cloud, Mobile and Big Data into Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Mixed Reality and Internet of Things.  These technologies will take your business to a new and exciting level.

The shape of our world is changing as technology consumes our homes, schools, cars and even our bodies. Will we gain what it means to be connected, by losing what it means to be human?

How about electromagnetic hypersensitivity or social media depression? We are facing new technology-induced illnesses. Bio-hacking can keep us ahead of these, and also enhance our performance, wellbeing and health in this accelerating world.


For insights into the amazing innovation and opportunity that lies ahead with deep technologies, whilst critically exploring the psychology of technology on our minds, our behaviours and our relationships, join the best and the brightest on May 3rd for Tech Summit 2018

Early Bird Rate will end on 15th March 2018

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