News - DeCare Systems Ireland Sponsors Spring eXchange 2008

Published on 07 January 2008
DeCare Systems Ireland Sponsors Spring eXchange 2008

DeCare Systems Ireland Sponsors Spring eXchange 2008

In association with Skills Matter and SpringSource (formerly Interface21), DeCare Systems Ireland (DSI) is proud to announce co-sponsorship of Spring eXchange 2008.

Held on Wednesday 16th January in The Crypt, St. James Church, London, the free day long event will feature presentations from the Spring Source team including a keynote from CEO and creator of Spring, Rod Johnson; Spring Source CTO, Adrian Colyer and renowned SpringSource Principal Consultant David Syer.

The focus of this event is to help attendees gain an understanding of the 2008 Spring Framework product roadmap and vision.  As one of the supporting companies for the event, DSI aim to raise awareness of Spring in other organisations after successfully adopting the framework for Java/J2EE development in a number of large-scale projects.

Topics and speakers at the event will include:

Keynote: “Spring into the Future” - Rod Johnson
The Spring Framework began in 2002 with Rod's best-selling Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development; one of the most influential books ever published on J2EE, Rod is recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on Java and J2EE development. With the rapid expansion of SpringSource and move to new corporate HQ in Silicon Valley, this is a rare UK opportunity to hear Rod provide his views and explore the future of J2EE application development.

“What's New in Spring 2.5” - Sam Brannan
This session will provide attendees an overview of the new features available in Spring 2.5. Specifically, this talk will highlight the simplified and extensible configuration support provided via configuration annotations and new XML configuration namespaces, new Java 6 support, updates to Spring AOP, improved JDBC and JPA support, annotation-driven web MVC controllers, the new annotation-based TestContext framework for unit and integration tests and more!

“Spring in Production” - Adrian Colyer
This session looks at Spring from a runtime perspective. On top of the Spring kernel is the enterprise service layer which provides runtime support for managing transactions, data access, messaging, and more. Learn what happens in the Spring runtime when your application is created, understand the request processing pipeline and the role that Spring plays in it and get vital "under the hood" insights into how transaction, security, and other enterprise services are delivered at runtime.

“SpringSource Professional Services” - Greg Southey
A brief resume of some of the projects recently completed by the UK Professional Services team and their capabilities for 2008.

“What's new in the Spring Portfolio - Updates from The Spring Experience” - Paul Kuzan and Adrian Colyer
Get the latest updates on the breaking news from the biggest annual Spring conference including information on new Spring products and developments. This is a vital session to understand where Spring is going in 2008 and beyond.

Round Table Discussion - Rod Johnson, Adrian Colyer and Dave Syer
Your chance to ask Rod, Adrian and Dave anything that's on your mind regarding Spring.

Participation is free for registered participants.  For more information and to register, please visit

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