Adopt a School

About Adopt-A-School Programme

This Industry-Academic Alliance programme, formally launched by Minister Sean Sherlock TD in 2012, provides an opportunity for Industry to partner with schools in a collaborative effort to close the skills gap and in educating the next generation of IT workers. It’s just one part of it@cork’s vision of a European technology cluster with world class IT companies and an innovative approach to education in IT.  Successful deployment will ensure that the IT industry continues to thrive and that our region will produce IT talent into the future that will differentiate us from our competitors

This programme is non-prescriptive. Different IT-intensive organisations will be capable of making contributions to schools in different ways. The design of the Adopt-a-School programme seeks to accommodate any/all contributions that organisations are in a position to make to one or more primary or secondary schools.

By signing up to Adopt-a-School, your organisation will be committing to carry out one or more of the following actions for one or more local schools in 2014 and beyond:

  • Providing some software development classes to interested students
  • Providing some software/hardware troubleshooting classes to interested students
  • Donating some useful IT equipment, new or re-configured
  • Providing some necessary IT support
  • Providing guest speakers to classes interested in IT careers
  • Run workshops with classes on IT topics
  • Offering work experience for transition-year students interested in IT
  • Setting up a Coder Dojo in your organisation for local children to learn how to “code” in an informal environment

In addition to this list, it@cork will happily consider any additional or alternative Adopt-a-School initiatives that your organisation might wish to propose.

We have set no minimum threshold of hours or expenditure required to participate in the programme. All that we require is that the IT-intensive organisation involved engages with one or more schools in any of the ways that we have set out or in some other way that works for them and the school. it@cork will generate the PR and case study material for every engagement. The more that the IT-intensive company invests in the process, the more coverage and profile we will generate for them.

Since its inception in 2012, it@cork’s Adopt-a-School programme has led to vibrant and creative relationships between IT-intensive organisations and schools by providing IT equipment, tech support, software development classes, guest speakers and work placement opportunities.

We can help match up companies that do NOT have established links to schools and also formally recognise those who are already working with schools. For further information or to sign up for the programme please see