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Diversity in Tech


To all previous attendees of the Women in Tech series:

You may well remember that we launched the Women in Tech series back in 2014, to address the concern of a lack of events and networking opportunities to support women as they advance in their careers in the tech industry.

We believe that both the event series and the industry itself has progressed and evolved over the past 4 years and, as such, we want to launch a further evolution of our series for 2018.

We wish to express our thanks to all of you who took the time to reply to our Women in Tech event survey at the end of last year. The objective was to get your views on what might be done to further enhance the series in 2018.

Some key survey results:

  • 90% of respondents rated the event as very good/excellent, and would recommend it to a colleague
  • 94% found the timing and hotel locations just right
  • 75% favour the sit down meal
  • A number of you expressed an interest in more networking opportunities, more productive use of the ‘lunch’ section for discussion, more male involvement, and a focus on hot topics in 2018

Taking your feedback into account, the focus for the 2018 series will be as follows:

  • We have decided to change the name of the event to ‘Diversity in Tech’, and encourage more male participation – we need both genders discussing key topics if we are to help effect real change
  • We want to evolve the sessions to provide for a ‘working lunch’ which should drive more value and interaction among attendees. We will retain the same time-slot, 12 – 2pm, but adapt the format. So the key speaker will kick off the event at 12, followed by lunch and then a Q&A. During lunch, some topic(s) will be presented to each table, for discussion over lunch. Feedback will be provided from each table after lunch and this will drive the Q&A session with the key speaker
  • We will be asking for key ‘hot topics’ for discussion from attendees before each event


Contact Sarah Walsh at Sarah@itcork.ie with any questions / feedback.