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Cork is Ireland’s largest county with a population of more than 550,000. Cork is also the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland and is set to become the fastest growing city and region in the country as part of the national planning framework Ireland 2040.

Cork also has some of the most breathtaking coastline in the country and is the official starting point of the world renowned Wild Atlantic Way Wild Atlantic Way .  

Living and renting in Cork and the county is more affordable than its capital counterpart Dublin. Average house prices in Cork (€224,560) are 42% cheaper than the in Dublin (€385,915). Furthermore average rent prices in cork city are 32% lower than Dublin and average rent prices in the county are 42% lower than Dublin (national house prices national rental prices).  
For more information: Accommodation in the region



Cork is strategically well placed in the south weest of Ireland and is accessible by air, sea, road and rail.

By air: Cork airport is located just 10 minutes from Cork City center. Cork Airport offers direct flights from almost 50 destinations around Europe and a direct transatlantic flight to North America Cork airport.  

By car: Cork is linked to Dublin via the M8 motorway (2.5 hours) to Limerick via N20 (1hr 45mins) and to Killarney via N22 (1hr 25mins).

By rail: Cork (Kent station) has a frequent train schedule to Dublin (Heuston station) Irish rail.  


Cork is a University City with 33,000 3rd level students and a young and diverse population of more than 100 nationalities. 40% of Cork city center residents were born outside of Ireland.
Of course, the origins of Boolean algebra can be traced to Cork.  Boolean algebra was introduced by George Boole in his first book The Mathematical Analysis of Logic (1847) and investigation of the laws of thought (1854).  Boole is considered to be one of the key founders of pure mathematics, father of computer science and discoverer of symbolic logic. Boole is mostly remembered as a mathematician and logician whose work found application in computer science long after his death in 1864. For more information George Boole.  

Both University College Cork (UCC) and the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) have a world class reputation in producing high quality STEM graduates. These 3rd level institutions also heavily invested in r&d collaboration and stakeholder engagement in the tech community in Cork. UCC and CIT take an active role in in the board of it@cork. CIT deliver industry driven MSC courses in AI cit MSC AI , Information Security MSC Information Security  and  Cloud Computing MSC Cloud Computing .

For further information: UCC and CIT.

Cork is also home to a number of world class research centers including:

Tyndall National Institute
Nimbus Research Centre
Insight Centre for Data analytics

The Cork Education Training Board (CETB) also provides further education training focused on industry related skills requirements CETB.

Cork is also home to a number of recognised and accredited English language schools English Language Schools .

You will find a listing of secondary schools in Cork here Secondary level schools Cork

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