Network Operations Engineer

Blizzard’s Operations Center is responsible for monitoring and maintaining state-of-the-art network systems behind Blizzard’s epic game services.  As Operations Engineer, you’ll monitor and respond to incidents identified in the network layer of our services.

In this role, duties range from identifying and filling gaps in monitoring coverage to taking technical leadership of a distributed-denial-of-service attack against an entire geographic region.  The unique demands of ensuring Blizzard players happily enjoy our games worldwide, 24/7, require constant evolution and improvement in our awareness of network performance to and from our datacenters, across all our servers, and the last mile to the players themselves.

This position provides a unique learning environment that will expose you to Blizzard’s network topology, our physical and virtual server infrastructure, our service engineering efforts, and the entire suite of production services that players interact with. Depending on your area of interest and capabilities, you will have the opportunity to develop within the Operations Center or move towards network engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, or datacenter engineering.

Blizzard has built a world-class reputation among players through the quality of our games.  Behind every player’s game experience are the systems, infrastructure, and network that connects them to other players across the globe, seamlessly and reliably, to enjoy our online game universes.   We’re proud of keeping those players online with us, and we’re always on call to keep our network, servers, and services up and running.


  • Serve as part of a 4-6 person shift of systems and network operations administrators responsible for monitoring all Blizzard services
  • Identify, diagnose, and resolve incidents which impact or threaten service availability
  • Help in the engineering effort to improve monitoring coverage and depth
  • Configure and maintain appropriate network event management systems
  • Help maintain Blizzard’s services and infrastructure through updates, upgrades, changes, documentation, and other duties as may be required from time to time
  • Work with internal and external teams to coordinate maintenance, identify and resolve problems, and ensure high end-user network quality


  • Experience with data center, server and networking hardware and a solid understanding of infrastructure
  • Team player; mature, good communications skills, ability to both give and accept feedback from other team members, and maintain a big picture view of team performance
  • In-depth knowledge of the TCP/IP stack, layers of the OSI Model, network topologies, and routing protocols
  • Solid TCP/UDP connectivity debugging experience
  • Experience with packet captures/tracking down protocol bugs in embedded network operating systems
  • Cisco NX-OS CLI should be second nature to you
  • Experience with troubleshooting VLANs, STP, EtherChannel bonding and load-balancing algorithms, IPv4/v6 subnetting
  • In-depth knowledge of fundamental internet standards encompassing DHCP, PXE, DNS, SMTP, SNMP, HTTP and others
  • Experience with network performance and infrastructure monitoring systems
  • Basic Linux Administration skills or willing to learn it


  • Experience with firewall appliances (Cisco ASA, Fortinet, Palo Alto) and VPN tunneling
  • Experience with routing protocols, such as BGP
  • Experience with switching platforms, such as Cisco Nexus series, Arista as well as routing platforms , such as Cisco ASR9K, Juniper MX.
  • Experience with network load balancers, SSL Offloading, A10, F5,Citrix and HAproxy.
  • Experience with advanced network diagnostic tools
  • Experience with monitoring solutions such as NMS, APM/NPM
  • Experience with Vxlan + multicast
  • Network certifications, such as CCNP, JNCIA, etc.
  • Scripting skills (Python, Bash or any modern language)
  • Understanding of the ITIL framework

Application Materials

  • Resume (required)
  • Cover Letter (nice to have)