Blockchain Ireland week kicks off with full house for it@cork UCC event

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  • Blockchain Ireland week kicks off with full house for it@cork UCC event

Blockchain Ireland week May 24th – 31st launched in style on Friday 24th of May to a full house at the Cork Blockchain Tech Talk event in association with it@cork. Despite an early start, there was standing room only at the event, hosted at University College Cork, proving that interest in Blockchain technology remains strong amongst Cork businesses, entrepreneurs and research centres.

Blockchain is a breakthrough distributed-ledger technology that is expected to change how we facilitate payments and store and transfer digitalised information, most notably in the Financial, Healthcare, Legal and Energy sectors, due to its transparency, independence and security. In 2008 Bitcoin became the first digital currency based on this peer-to-peer technology to transfer payments.

Blockchain Ireland Week, organised by Blockchain Ireland, is a celebration of the blockchain community around Ireland with events being held at Dublin, Cork, Sligo and Galway, all aimed at bringing together and growing the blockchain ecosystem in Ireland. Over the 7 days, entrepreneurs

, developers, corporate leaders and the public will converge to discuss blockchain opportunities, take part in workshops, get insight into blockchain use-cases and understand blockchain opportunities for business and social impact.

Attendees of the Cork blockchain event were inspired today b

y speakers Brian Elders, CEO & Founder of Crypto IB Limited and Sors Digital Assets Limited, Paula Butler, IT Manager of the Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab, Piyush Verma, PhD and Senior Energy Market Analyst at the International Energy Research Centre and Kevin O’Leary, PhD candidate from UCC.

Attending the event today, Eoghan O’Mahony, Cluster Manager for it@cork said “the large turnout was testament to the growing interest in Blockchain as a transformative technology and the desire for Irish businesses to remain competitive, secure and leading-edge.”

The it@cork event was closely followed today by four other Blockchain events and social gatherings throughout the day covering topics from security tokens to new ways to raise funds and trade in Digital Asset Marketplaces. The week will continue to see a series of blockchain events around Ireland, leaving no blockchain stone unturned. For more on this and other Blockchain Ireland Week events check out



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