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Noel Dillane from provides independent technology advice. Noel is a seasoned business director with senior leadership experience in Information Technology and Operations in FMCG beverage manufacturing (PepsiCo), manufacturing outsourcing (Banta Corp) and QA Management in the automotive electronics sector (Kostal). If you are ready to grow your business and cut costs through the smarter use of affordable digital technology, he will help you evaluate, select and implement the right technology. This technology can transform your business by driving out costs, grow your sales and improve your bottom line. SERVICES INCLUDE : • Digital Transformation: help you to identify opportunities to transform your business through tech • IT Strategy: 3-year investment plan for people, processes and technology with clearly defined business value goals • IT Director Service: part-time or interim IT Director • Custom business apps using affordable NOCODE visual/workflow tools: Automate business processes. Eliminate paperwork. Capture and share up-to-date information with internal/remote staff, suppliers and customers no matter where they are


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Address: Carrigaline, Co Cork