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Pilz Ireland

Pilz Ireland

Currently employing more than 1,200 staff worldwide, Pilz GmbH & Co. operates internationally as technology leader in safe automation technology. Solutions from Pilz protect man, machine and the environment. Market leadership in safe automation is based on our leadership in research and key technologies. That is why all our competency goes into innovative products, system solutions that are well thought through, plus appropriate services. Pilz has a tradition as a family-run company stretching back over 50 years. Across generations, the Pilz family and the company's staff have collectively pursued the concept of offering customers added value in every solution. With us, customer proximity is paramount. In addition to the company headquarters in Germany, Pilz has 24 subsidiaries and many representatives locally on all continents. Pilz Ireland is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of Pilz GmbH & Co. Cork, Ireland is the designated centre of excellence for software tool research & development for Pilz. Currently employing over 85 professional staff, our team comprises of software architects, software requirements engineers, software development engineers, software test engineers and software project managers. Developing innovative products that meet customer and market requirements is the most important task of our research and development department. Using our extensive technical knowledge and experience we have developed many sophisticated software products that provide the human interface into the control of industrial automation devices. Working closely with our customers, universities, the open source community, international standards' committees and approvals bodies enables us bring innovations to the market and set new benchmarks. We rigorously pursue clearly defined goals, which at the same time represent the route to a successful future. Our focus is to complete our safe automation range and dovetail this core competency intelligently with the expansion of solutions for standard automation.


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