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Fitz Software & Co.

Fitz Software, established in 1991, specialises in enterprise utilities and solutions providing innovative products that fit our customers' evolving systems. Products are focused on the IBM mainframe z/OS (MVS) platform and across distributed systems (Unix, Windows, ...). The company offers central and program services to all licensed users of its program offerings. The primary expertise lies in: z/OS Availability, Monitoring, Audit and Risk -including change management, audit and recovery in z/OS, JES, VTAM, TCP/IP, CICS, RACF, ... and real time alerting to security events, ... z/OS Database Productivity and Storage Mgmt -including selective copy of DB2 databases to refresh test databases or data warehouses, bufferpool analyser, database maintenance automation, ... z/OS Application Life-Cycle -including file encryption and archiving, test data generation, 3270 session manager, Vital file identifier, ... IT Asset Management and Automated Soft Capping Who's using what, where, when and how often across your images. Automated Software Capping maximizing R4HA.


Phone: 021 4832131
Address: Kilcolta House, Crosshaven, Co. Cork