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Willis is Ireland's leading insurance broker, pensions, actuarial and risk management consultancy. We employ over 300 people in our offices in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Belfast. Willis Risk Services (Ireland) Ltd and Willis Ltd. are members of the Willis Group (NYSE: WSH), the third largest insurance broker in the world. With over 400 offices in some 100 countries, it's global team of 17,000 associates serves clients across the globe. Corporate Solutions Willis offers professional advice on a wide range of business insurance, highlighting the need to insure assets, earnings, and potential liabilities. We provide services and advice on insurance programmes, loss control, risk management, claims management, reinsurance, affinity group schemes and we distribute branded products to retail brokers. Information Communications Technology Why do you need cover? Information & communication technology means any computer equipment, software, hardware sold, manufactured, produced, installed, repaired, serviced, treated, supplied, distributed, licensed or shared or any service, advice or work provided by the professionals in relation to the above; and also the provision of data processing, data communication services provided. Any software developer or service provider providing information & communication technology (ICT) could be exposed to claims of a “professional liability” nature. Claims can come from : A customer or other party suffering a financial loss after receiving the services or relying on the advice of a professional, and suing for the loss. A client who is merely dissatisfied may make a claim even if it may not be valid. There is always the potential of the financial burden of litigation and any business needs to protect it’s reputation and assets. Main Risks insured Errors & Omissions: legal liability for any claim in respect of negligent acts, errors or omissions incurred in the provision of information & communication technology to include cover for defence costs. Covers also to be considered, or may already be included in the Insurance policy, are: • Breach of Contract • Libel and Slander • Fraud and Dishonesty • Intellectual Property • Loss of Data • Unauthorised access Main Categories of Businesses that can be covered: • Software developer (financial/accounting, business systems, e-commerce, asset/inventorymanagement, etc) • Computer/IT consultant • Hardware designer/manufacturer/importer • Data communication service provider • Data processing & service provider • Telecommunication service provider Cyber Risk It is almost impossible to operate a business without computers and the use of continually changing technology which frames every modern company’s digital infrastructure. Connectivity is a key word in providing a smooth flow of any business but there is an ever increasing risk of a virus contaminating your system or someone else’s, or a hacker attacking your computers and stealing personal data and both of these events can cause a breach of security. This is not to mention risks that can come with these breaches of privacy ie. potential defamation, copyright infringement libel slander or even fraud. It is important to state that Cyber risks are NOT insured under a Public or Products Liability insurance policy which has a specific electronic data exclusion. Therefore your company is vulnerable to all kinds of suits – such as cyber-libel triggered by a simple ill-advised email, or the theft of confidential data. How We Can Help We can help put together all the key pieces of an information security package: • We can provide you with a Cyber Risk Insurance that will protect your business against • Hacking • Viruses • Denial of service attacks • Content creation and dissemination • Electronic commerce • Advertising & promotion marketing • Intellectual property • Internet services • Multiple media activities • Web sites Premiums are competitive Wide insurance cover to suit your needs and varied insurance markets to provide choice. Contact Us If you would like to discuss Cyber Risk and how we can help you implement the right approach for your business, then please contact us


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