it@cork & it@cork skillnet deals for RebelCon!



it@cork and it@cork Skillnet is very proud to support RebelCon — an event that began in Cork in 2017, to cater for the strong vibrant tech community here. It’s a grassroots conference, created by practitioners for practitioners; with the aim to serve particularly developers, designers and testers.

This year everything from software engineering, architecture, machine learning, big data, Internet of Things, design, test to team culture will be discussed. There’s an impressive line-up of national and international industry speakers.


It’s a two-day event (19th and 20th June) as follows:


Day 1


Day 1 of RebelCon (Wednesday 19th June) comprises 3 workshops as follows:


Day 2:

Keynotes and talks with more than 20 sessions over 4 tracks.

The line-up can be viewed at the conference site


Our RebelCon deals!

Deal 1:

Anyone who is attending the it@cork breakfast tech talk on June 20th (Low Earth Orbit Satellites, do they have a role to play in the National Broadband Plan?)  Link is eligible for 20% DISCOUNT ON REBELCON CONFERENCE DAY TICKET. The beauty of this is that you only have to stroll from one end of Lapp’s Quay to the other to move from the Tech Talk to RebelCon!

Pricing: Full price conference day ticket = €199 + VAT (at 23%) = €244

With 20% discount = €159 + VAT (at 23%) = €196

For enquiries please email and put RebelCon Deal 1 in subject header.


Deal 2:

Any it@cork skillnet member company who buys a (full-priced) ticket for a Day 1 workshop gets a 30% SKILLNET DISCOUNT OFF DAY 2 CONFERENCE TICKET. It does not need to be the same person attending day 1 and 2.

Pricing: workshop is €199 + VAT (at 23%) = €244

Full price conference day ticket = €199 + VAT (at 23%) = €244

With 30% skillnet subsidy = €139 + VAT (at 23%) = €171

For enquiries please email Annette at and put RebelCon Deal 2 in subject header.