Simple, Elegant Password Management Stop Hackers and Prevent Data Breaches with Strong Passwords.


Keeper Security, Inc., the creator of Keeper, the world’s most secure, easy to use, password manager and digital vault that uses military-grade encryption technology to store your website logins, passwords, financial information, documents, photos, and videos. Keeper is used by more than 11 million people and 4,000 businesses in 100+ countries to protect their passwords and digital assets. Keeper is published in 21 languages.

Keeper works seamlessly across all devices. It works on every smartphone, tablet, and computer and across all major operating systems, including web browsers. All a person needs is a master password (or a fingerprint) to access their keeper vault on any device. Keeper is preloaded with major mobile operators and OEMs such as AT&T, Orange, America Movil, Samsung, HTC and others covering both Android and Windows operating systems.


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